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Vanessa Littrell

Pre-order the upcoming Sugar Addikt album!

Diva Disco and Electro Pop for the Evolving Soul

Her naturally evocative voice, not only soothes the ears, but you believe every word she says.” - Ballyhoo Magazine

Sugar Addikt

Electronic Dance Music

Vanessa Littrell is the mastermind behind the eclectic and electric sound that is one part dance floor and one part 70's concept music. Geared towards women who want to feel invited to the dance party, instead of on the sidelines, this music engages not only the heart, but the intellect as well. 

Sugar Addikt is a blend of tech, house, trance and pop with a nod to the Eurythmics, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Goldfrapp, and most recently, Sia. 

“. . . think of Annie Lennox’s ethereal voice. Littrell shares that same haunting deep quality that makes every word sound more layered and dynamic.”

 - Ballyhoo Magazine

Sugar Addikt uses wide-ranging influences to forge music that is both familiar and infectious yet unique and forward-thinking.

 - Dancing About Architecture

The sounds have a really cool throwback to the 80s, with a distinctive tone that sets the bar higher in terms of giving the audience a more nuanced and highly energetic experience as a whole.

- The Bandcamp Diaries


Chasing Orbits, the second release by Sugar Addikt, will be available to the public in December. Members who pre-order the album NOW will receive an advance copy of the single "8Ball" and will get their copy of the album before it goes on sale to the public!!